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Using Quick Scripts Starter Pack

If you got the Quick Scripts Starter Pack, this topic is for you!

Setting Up Library Directory

Download the “Quick Scripts Starter Pack” Zip file, and unzip it anywhere you want.

Note that you have to remember where the QS Starter Pack was unzipped, this is the path that you will be adding to the addon preferences

After setting up the library directory, this is how your Quick Scripts pie menu should be:

Now you can have fun!

How to know how each script works

All scripts included in the QS Starter pack come with a description and a “how to use” section inside the script. to access it, just open the script with the open script button!

In most scripts, all you have to do is to click and run with Quick Scripts. But some scripts like the one above are a little bit more complex.

Getting Errors with scripts from QS Starter Pack

Scripts included in the “Quick Scripts Starter Pack” are not add-ons! meaning that they are not ready for simple user mistakes (like running the script in edit mode, when it should be running in object mode). Please make sure that you are running the script correctly. always read the text inside the script where you will be able to find a small description and how to use it, check the documentation for more information.

But if you are getting errors in any scripts that should not be happening, please contact us with the script name and a screenshot of the error in Blender Console. 

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