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Can I get a discount if I buy MPalette Pro + MP Fast Props?

Yes! On MPalette Pro BlenderMarket Page you can get both with a little discount by buying the complete package.

My Material will work only with MP Fast Props Addon enable? If I disable it, what happens to my material?

Nothing! The Addon uses only blender build-in node features, detecting specific node groups with your fast props, meaning that your material will still work without MP Fast Props Addon. you only will not be able to quickly access your Fast Props with MP Fast Props Addon Disabled

Is MP Fast Props also a material library addon?

No! MP Fast Props is only used for adding and controlling fast props in your material. But you can save these materials with your fast props in any Material Library or Asset Browser addon (Including Blender 3.0 Asset Browser).

Is MPalette Pro included if I buy only MP Fast Props?

No! MPalette Pro is a different Addon. You can get it here.

Does it work on any OS?

The addon was 100% tested in Windows OS only, some features may not work properly in other OS.

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