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Update Log


  • Added support for Blender 4.0


  • Fixed “Clean Unused Materials” Error


  • Added Support to Blender 3.1


  • Small Fix in “Clean Unused Materials” Operator


  • Bug Fixes
  • Material Benchmark Tool
  • Image Resize Tool
  • Image Data Analyzer
  • New UI panels


  • New UI
  • Addon now supports objects with non-applied modifiers
  • Bug Fixes
  • Code Optimization
  • New Collection Analyzer System
  • New Scene Analyzer System
  • Addon now can store original viewport colors of each object in the scene
  • Addon now stores the last UI type of the user before using the Scene Analyzer
  • Added advance settings for the Collections Analyzer
  • New Scene Analyzer option “In View”
  • New options for Find in the Scene Tool
  • Added toggle button in the outline header for fast access to Collection Analyzer
  • Added toggle button in the 3D View header for fast access to Scene Analyzer
  • Added a panel showing objects found in Find in Scene Tool
  • Added a new operator in the Find in Scene Tool
  • Addon Preferences Added


  • First Release
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