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Active Light Settings

In the Active Light Settings, you will be able to change the settings of all light objects selected without affecting their, light group.

It’s a very helpful feature if you want to keep control of light groups, but change some settings in specific lights of this group.

(Active Light Settings will only work with lights added with Easylight add-on)

When enabled, you will be able to change settings of the all selected light objects (including mesh light materials) without changing the group settings. settings like Power Multiply, HSV variation, and Custom Color. When active.

How does it work?

With this tool, you will be creating custom settings for all selected lights, and these custom settings will be used when any setting of this light group changed.

For example: If you set any light to use blue as a custom color, even if you change the light group color to red, this light will still have the blue color, because this was the custom setting added to this light object.

How to use

The first thing to do is activate the enable active light settings.

And all you have to do is select all lights you want to add any custom settings and click on “Add Custom Light Settings”

All custom settings you change will affect all selected lights with “Custom Light Settings” Added to it.

Remember that you can easily select lights for any custom settings added and remove them all at once with all selected.

It is important to understand that when you select more than one light, all custom settings operations will be based on the active light. Meaning that if you select 3 lights with custom settings already added, and the active one does not have any custom setting, the panel will show the option to add a custom light setting to all selected lights, because the active one does not have any.

Custom Settings Available

Power Multiply

When active, you will be able to multiply the light power by any given value


Change Hue/Saturation of an active light inside any group

Custom Color

Use a custom color for this light even if already inside any group.

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